Connect with your fans, earn money, and increase your brand presence through the best live streaming app built for you.

Discover Vicarious.
Discover Vicarious.

All Things Amazing

Talented people and amazing experiences live all over our world. However, it can be hard to discover and watch them. We look to solve that by building a platform to bring those marvelous stories to you.

Earn Money

Earning money through digital media right now is outdated. Your ingenuity and adventures are given a real chance to earn money through us.


Imagine being able to have a conversation with some of your newest fans or favorite athletes no matter where they live. Connecting you to the world better than anyone else is what we are doing.

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Why are we doing this

We see a world full of talented people and unique experiences. Places and events that you have only heard about but not seen. At Vicarious we are here to bring the best live streaming platform experience to you. For you to be able to earn money around your live streaming talents while also being able to witness millions of others around the world.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. We are passionate about bringing the world to your fingertips.